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Apr. 25th, 2007



(no subject)

As I am midst moving I will have to take a hiatus somewhere between two and four weeks


Apr. 1st, 2007

what the shit?!


Mod Announcement

Ok....pretty much everyone needs to update, 'scept the mods and Kirihara. x.x Please update! We have a shiny new event (read Atobe's journal, and comment!), and the rp thread will be posted this afternoon (not right now 'cause I just woke up). Please participate! *puppy dog eyes*

Mar. 15th, 2007

the eagle nebula


A Post for You

What do you want to happen in this comm? Got plot point ideas? General suggestions? Questions? Complaints? Maybe even praise? Comment here. We want to hear from all of you about everything, so we can make this game more enjoyable for everyone.

Other notes:

- Atobe needs more help coming up with a way to bring audiences back after the murder! Go crazy with ideas! The already suggested idea also needs to be planned, so feel free to help him out with that too.

- Also! Everyone who I've done logs with that haven't been finished/posted yet...they WILL be finished/posted within the next week (if Inui-mun gets back online then, that is). Promise. And next term (starting the week after next) I will be much more on top of things (not like that, you pervs), as my schedule will be much less hectic. ♥

Mar. 16th, 2007


(no subject)

After doing up the comm and getting it started etc, I really hate to say this, but: I'm leaving.

And Ryou is leaving with me.

It's...I think I'm just not comfortable with the way things are going, administration wise etc. The players have been wonderful, and even though I have not really talked to some of you, you guys are great! I never regretted any application that I accepted, or any player that I needle/cajole/bribe into this RP. But what I feel about role-plays is that it've got to be fun, and part of the fun comes from the unexpectated-ness of things. Whether it's new plot points that the mods introduce, how the characters develop, how the characters introduce new happenings around, and even the unexpectedness of the next tag when we do one-to-one RPs. After all, this is, to me, what a role-play is about. If I want to know what's going to happen next, I could just go back to writing fanfics, right?

Well...that's part of the reason why I'm leaving. I'm not getting that sort of unexpectedness in here anymore. Or the sort of respect that mods and players, players and players should be having. And I'm not referring to the people that I often RP with. Yuushi-mun, Sae-mun, Sushi-mun and Zuka-mun are wonderful people to mesh with.

It's probably just me who is feeling it. So rather than getting myself all wrung up and unhappy and spoiling everybody else's moods, I'm leaving.

Take it as Ryou ran away, or...XD something. I'm still up for a chat on AIM if you want to though. Or if you want to start a private RP journal with me like the one I have with Sae-mun, and the one that I should have with Yuushi-mun (but haven't really started yet...XD), go ahead. My default muse is Ryou, but my mental muse-land has been rather fertile lately. So yeah.


ETA: I'm keeping scarletgypsy, btw. So just take this journal off your friendslist.

Mar. 8th, 2007

the eagle nebula


Mod Announcement

Le gasp! The character limit has now been changed from 2 to 3! The deal is that after having your second character for two months, you can apply for a third one. You have to have been active in those past two months (as in, no warnings about updating). ♥
the eagle nebula


(no subject)

People past their three weeks:

Tezuka Kunimitsu zero_humor
Mizuki Hajime hajime_yarou

I'm giving you guys a week's warning since I didn't before. Please update~. ♥

People on their third week:

Ibu Shinji i_hate_peanuts
Saeki Kojirou ballsintheair

(if I'm missing anybody here, let me know >>;)

Dropped character:

Sengoku Kiyosumi charmingclover

Added character:

Yanagisawa Shinya (rp journal to be made)


Remember to update, and worship obey pay attention to your gods mods! ♥ More plot devices are coming, and ideas are always welcome. Plot devices are posted in the ooc comm, so be sure you have it added to your friends page!

Mar. 1st, 2007

the eagle nebula


Dropped Characters

Characters that have officially been dropped from the community are Sanada twotontarundoru and Akutsu effyouup.

Remember to update every three weeks! ^_^


charmingclover, you have a week to either update your journal or notify us about your hiatus, otherwise you will be dropped from the community.

Feb. 19th, 2007

the eagle nebula


Mod Announcement


That's right, a murder~! Or at least, that's what investigators suspect....

Yuki Nagasaki, the cirque's official pie lady, was found sprawled behind her booth. Her eyes were wide open in terror, but there were no visible wounds on her body. Was it poison? Was she scared to death? If so, by what? Or who? The police and various investigators will be attempting to solve the crime in the weeks to come, but they would appreciate any help at all. If you have any information you think might assist them, let the ringmaster know. Hopefully the case will be solved before the murderer strikes again....

Note: All investigators and police are npcs, and not to be rped unless given full permission by all mods.


Also, Akutsu and Bane must update in the next few days or give a valid reason for not updating before they are dropped~

Feb. 14th, 2007



OOC: Alright guys, due to exams, I'll be on a hiatus for quite a while.. SOdon't go missing this Crazy Masaharu yeah ^_~!

Jan. 26th, 2007



Maybe I should just drop him?

Thinking about dropping Inui... there's just so much that's happened in the vital stages of this rp that I've missed and that he's missed and yeah... I dunno... my muse is totally depressed about that.

Still no net at home... just... yeah... maybe I should just drop him or something. I dunno, tell me what you think.

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